Is A Peloton Bike Without A Subscription Worth It?

Nowadays, there are so many people that own a Peloton Bike.

This bike is an at-home training bike with a big screen on the front and speakers at the back that enables you to exercise by choosing from a seemingly endless list of sessions accessible through the Peloton All-Access subscription.

Is A Peloton Bike Without A Subscription Worth It?

Indeed, Peloton provides access to more than 9000 cycling Bootcamp lessons that last 5 minutes to one hour and a half, in addition to its offer of over 9000 rides.

However, all of that comes with a hefty monthly fee of $39, which does not include the price of the bike or treadmill.

While many people are comfortable with spending money on Peloton, its equipment, and its classes, not all of us can afford to do the same.

Spending money on a Peloton bike or treadmill might be an investment people are willing to make. Buying great quality gym gear, you can keep at home means that you do not have to spend money to go to the gym.

The $39 monthly fee of Peloton, though, means that you need to have more money to invest in your home workouts, which not all of us are capable of doing.

A question that arises from this is whether it is possible to ride a Peloton bike or work out on a treadmill without signing up for a membership.

Generally speaking, a Peloton may be used without a membership because it gives you access to three classes and the Just Ride function, which displays metrics like rpm, resistance, and pace.

Peloton Digital is an excellent substitute for a peloton subscription.

Therefore, if you have previously purchased a peloton and your situation has changed to the point where you are no longer able to afford the membership, this article can help you out.

If you can’t decide whether you should invest in one or want to make sure that it is worth it, continue reading below as we clearly outline what you receive without a membership.

That way, you can choose what is best for you.

Can I Use My Peloton Bike Without A Subscription?

Although using a Peloton without a subscription is doable, practically all of the membership benefits are lost.

Typically, a Peloton subscription offers you access to on-demand sessions and makes it easy to keep track of all the fancy numbers while riding your bike or walking on the treadmill.

You may pedal without a subscription, but there will be limited data and no analytics.

In all honesty, purchasing a more affordable bicycle is an alternative if you don’t want the Peloton subscription, as the brand is all about the content it offers you rather than the equipment.

What Is Provided With The Peloton Subscription?

The Peloton subscription gives access to more than 24,000 training sessions, live weekly streaming activities, and programs.

Additionally, you get to sign up and create a member profile where you can view all your daily logbooks, accomplishments, awards, workouts, and all other information.

Moreover, you may establish an infinite number of user accounts and track the statistics for each one independently.

However, all that’s left after canceling your membership are a few lessons and some basic statistics about how you’re currently working out, much like what you would get if you were riding a city bike.

How Come A Peloton Subscription Is So Pricey?

Is A Peloton Bike Without A Subscription Worth It?

A peloton membership is a bit pricey as it grants access to a number of services that aren’t even included on the peloton application.

Unrestricted access to a collection of live and on-demand sessions, unlimited user profiles, and real-time performance evaluation are all included in the cost of a membership.

Is A Peloton Subscription Necessary?

Typically, you may ride a Peloton like you would a standard stationary bicycle and measure your rpm or overall output without a Peloton account.

Nevertheless, a membership is required to access all of the sessions, live broadcasts, scoreboards, and data.

Additionally, if you have a Peloton membership, you may watch the lessons from your smartphone, desktop, or laptop without paying any extra fees.

Is The Peloton Membership Good Enough To Justify Its Price?

If you utilize all the services, a peloton membership is worth its money.

It is helpful for those who wish to look at their workout data, monitor their performance, and work out with others. Yet, purchasing a monthly subscription is not useful if all you want to do is ride the bike.

Furthermore, there are a lot of additional things to think about. It’s nice to have access to all the bells and whistles, but only if you intend to utilize them.

Here are all the advantages and disadvantages of getting a Peloton subscription:

  • Access to performance stats: This is an amazing feature for those who wish to keep track of their achievements, as it might inspire people and encourage them to start working out. However, people who are already motivated will not find this beneficial.
  • Availability of lessons on demand: With the Peloton subscription, you are given access to a range of different workouts that you can try out at home or wherever you are thanks to the fact that you can watch the videos from any device. Still, the subscription is a waste of money for those who simply wish to ride a bike
  • Using leaderboards: This Peloton subscription feature may encourage and push people to exercise, while it can also generate a feeling of belongingness as you become a member of a bigger community of people who work out at home with Peloton. Because of that, though, the subscription might not be enticing for those who are fitness freaks or already have all the motivation they need to work out in the first place.
  • Creating countless profiles: The option to create as many user profiles as you want is great for families and couples who share one bike at home and can share the cost of the subscription. This way, all members of a family can ride the Peloton bike and sign in to their own accounts to keep track of their progress. Of course, this means that if you are going to use the bike alone, getting a monthly subscription might still be too expensive.
  • $39 monthly: If your salary allows you to spend that amount of money for your workouts, then, by all means, go ahead and get a Peloton membership. But it is more than normal to find this price somewhat “challenging” and choose not to purchase a subscription.

As you can tell, subscribing to Peloton has both advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, you must think about whether you want to use all the benefits of a Peloton subscription or if you only want to ride the bike.

Even though you can use leaderboards, track data, and attend live-streaming courses, that doesn’t mean you cannot work out without them.

The Peloton bike and treadmill are wonderful products, but they are not for everyone and that is okay.

Keep on reading below as we mention who could profit from purchasing a Peloton subscription and who might choose not to.

Who Is The Peloton Subscription Ideal For?

A subscription to Peloton is beneficial for those who:

  • They are just beginning their fitness program
  • They need to interact with others to remain engaged throughout their workouts.
  • They want to regularly attend all the training sessions
  • They live in a spacious home with other active family members who are performance-driven.
  • They don’t mind spending more money or paying for a subscription might keep them motivated to work out, so they don’t feel that their money is going to waste.

To put it simply, some customers will pay that monthly charge to keep themselves motivated to exercise.
You are well aware of what I’m referring to.

We tend to give things we receive for free little worth. However, whenever we pay for something, the chances of using it are much higher.

On the other hand, some people stay consistent throughout their fitness journey without using any of the services that a Peloton subscription offers.

You can see a summary of the people I think don’t require a Peloton subscription below.

Who Doesn’t Need A Peloton Subscription?

Many people don’t need a Peloton subscription and they are mostly people who:

  • See exercise and fitness as a way of life
  • Don’t need to be encouraged to work out
  • Don’t need on-demand sessions
  • Do not consider data like speed, calories burned, and RPM as motivating factors to work out.
  • Cannot afford the monthly fee’s extra charges

Is Peloton Without A Subscription Any Good?

Is A Peloton Bike Without A Subscription Worth It

A Peloton without a subscription is often not useful because membership has many features that can benefit your workouts.

It is preferable to get a rather affordable bike than the Peloton if you are unable to pay a monthly subscription fee. A standard stationary bike costs about 1/5 of Peloton’s price.

There are several reasons you might wish to end your subscription, and it’s okay. You may still use the bike after deleting your subscription, but without the tech.

If the circumstances that have made it difficult for you to pay the subscription are not going to last for long, you can easily put your membership on hold and resume it later when the situation has changed.

Can I Stop Using Peloton For A While?

Your Peloton subscription can generally be put on hold for one to three months.

The corporate policy is that the pause begins at the end of your current billing month, and you won’t be allowed to access any of the classes during this time.

Yet, having the Peloton bike at home without accessing the online subscription content is kind of pointless. The stuff the membership provides you with is necessary if you want to get the most out of the bike.

The only option you have without the app is to “just ride,” which will provide you with rpm, speed, and difficulty.

The only distinction is that since you can’t sign in without a membership, it simply won’t store your workouts to your Peloton profile.

With several users claiming that the stats and the community are the primary motivations for having a Peloton, you can understand that it is quite important to have one yourself.

Is The Peloton Bike Accessible Without A Subscription?

Overall, the Peloton bike delivers the normal functionality that comes with a stationary bike, so you can use it without being subscribed to the Peloton app.

Without the subscription, you can still get access to your workout stats like RPM, speed, and resistance, as well as free access to three classes.

A Peloton cycle without a membership is just a standard stationary bike aside from that. Write your own list of advantages and disadvantages if you’re contemplating whether to buy the bike or not.

In the end, it all boils down to your budget and your commitment to regular exercise.

How Can I Use The Peloton Bike Without A Membership?

You only need internet connectivity to ride a Peloton bike without a subscription. Read the following steps to see how you can do that.

Step 1: Cancel Your Peloton Subscription

You can’t do that while riding your bike. You must visit the Peloton website from your smartphone or computer, log in to your member’s profile, and then head to the preferences and subscriptions section.

You only need to click “cancel subscription” and then confirm the cancellation from the same page.

What Will Happen When I terminate My Peloton Subscription?

Generally speaking, if you cancel your Peloton membership, you will still have complete access to the bike; yet the only services that will stay are the Just Ride function and the three pre-selected and pre-recorded training sessions.

Step 2: Start The Bicycle

You will not be able to log in to your profile once you restart your bike. There will only be the Just Ride function.

The Just Ride mode lets you track the essentials of your training, like cadence, output, and resistance. Those measurements, however, won’t be saved to your profile now that you have unsubscribed from Peloton.

Step 3: Have Fun Cycling

You can still have some great workouts even without all the fancy tech and subscription services. Put on your favorite TV show or some good music and enjoy the ride!

Is Peloton Treadmill Available Without A Subscription?

Is A Peloton Bike Without A Subscription Worth It?

Without a membership, Peloton Tread is not available. The enterprise used to include a “Just Run” option that allowed you to use the treadmill without logging in.

The firm introduced a Tread Lock safety mechanism that is now required and cannot be utilized without a membership as of May 2021.

This practically means that you need a subscription to operate the treadmill.

Are Peloton Subscriptions Per User?

A peloton subscription typically is per household rather than per person. This implies that no additional fees need to be paid from anyone else in your household to create their own user profile.

All of your relatives can join the Peloton courses of their choice and keep track of their progressions just by using the same bike you have at home.

What Are The Options For A Peloton Subscription?

The Peloton company as a whole has two different subscription categories. One is an all-access subscription for Peloton bike or treadmill owners, which costs $39 per month.

Peloton Digital, often known as the Peloton App, is the other option. This one is for smartphones only and costs $12.99.

Which Is Better: Peloton Subscription Or Peloton Digital

All-access memberships and Peloton Digital are two of the subscription plans that Peloton provides.

Your Peloton cycle or treadmill comes with an all-access membership, and Peloton Digital is a Peloton app that can be opened on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Therefore, if you pay for a Peloton subscription, you essentially get everything the company provides.

On the other hand, you only get access to classes with Peloton Digital. Keep in mind that you can also connect as many devices as you wish once you have a Peloton membership.

For smartphones and laptops, Peloton Digital serves as a gateway to the Peloton app.

The all-access package offers the same functions, but you can’t measure your progress, and you can only have one member profile for each device.

For those who enjoy the classes but can’t afford to pay extra for them, Peloton Digital is a fantastic alternative.

In fact, many people choose to buy a less expensive stationary bike and install Peloton Digital on their smartphone to keep up with all the sessions without paying more money.

One thing we should mention here is that once you purchase an all-access membership, Peloton Digital is complimentary.

Once your Peloton membership is active, you will immediately get access to the application and be able to open it from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

A Peloton membership is often superior since it offers more tools and enables you to attend all programs on your bike. The Peloton application is a better choice for those who are constantly moving from one place to the next and don’t have a Peloton cycle or treadmill.

Therefore, one is not better than the other. Rather, it depends on everyone’s lifestyle, daily schedule, and knowledge of what works best for them to choose which Peloton service they want to use.

Why Does The Peloton Subscription Cost More Than The Peloton Application?

The peloton subscription costs more than the peloton application because you can establish an infinite number of accounts and benefit from all the performance monitoring tools with the rest of your family.

Additionally, you get access to the leaderboard, where you may view your ranking, and compare it with the other members.

Can I Offer A Digital Peloton Subscription As A Gift To A Friend?

Broadly speaking, you may give a friend or a member of your family a Peloton Digital membership.

Once you are subscribed to an all-access Peloton membership, you can easily create a new Peloton Digital profile for your friend or relative to use with the Peloton Digital app.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, there are several things to consider when deciding which Peloton offer is the best for you. The price of the Peloton subscription is probably the no.1 factor that will influence your decision.

The great thing with this is that you can try it out for a month and if you see that it does not work for you or you cannot afford it, you can pause or cancel your subscription.

Alternatively, you can always opt for a Peloton Digital subscription which costs less and gives you access to the Peloton classes.

This way, you can attend the sessions even when you don’t own a Peloton bike; a stationary bike (of good quality, of course) of any other brand can do the work too.

If you are one of those people that need that extra motivation to work out, then a Peloton subscription will be very useful as it will help you get on that bike and challenge yourself.

However, if you are one of those people who can’t wait to get on your bike at the end of a hard day at work and destress, then you are probably just as good without it.

Jim Yi