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“Old” Book Exchange Completed

During the past eighteen months we have exchanged nearly 30,000 new edition SHAPEDOWN books for older versions at no charge.

The exchange program started January 1, 2007 and was originally scheduled to end April 1, 2007. As a courtesy, we extended the no-charge exchange period an additional 12 months. The exchange period has ended on April 1, 2008.

The new covers now carry simple “apple art” in an effort to remove any suggestion of the books’ content or purpose, thereby avoiding any stigma that may accompany carrying a copy.

The six Children’s Program books have a cover showing an apple with a bite missing. The two Teen Program books carry a front cover showing an apple core.

To distinguish between the various titles, a circled code appears in the upper left corner of the front cover, as with past editions. The SHAPEDOWN code key is as follows:

(All three levels may be combined in one class)



Level 1 Workbook, for ages 6, 7 & 8



Level 2 Workbook, for ages 9 & 10



Level 3 Workbook, for ages 11 & 12



Parent Child



Parent Child (Parent’s Guide to Supporting Your Child)



Advanced Child (Advanced Children’s Workbook)



Advanced Parent (Advanced Parent’s Guide to Supporting Your Child)

(Should NOT be combined with the Children’s Program)



Level 4 Workbook, for ages 12 to 20



Parent Teen

We are currently working on the next round of program revisions and updates and welcome your suggestions.



If you shared with us your email address, you should receive this newsletter both online and via “snail mail.” We are phasing out the printed newsletter. Current issues of the SHAPEDOWNEWS will also be posted at


We Still Need Your Email Address

If you haven’t already, please send us your email address so we can send you the newsletter online.
We will not share your email address with anyone, nor will we use it for any other purpose. (Send your email address to


2008 License Renewal

The Annual SHAPEDOWN License Fee has been suspended. The purpose of the License Fee was to cover our costs for services we provide to you including patient referrals, telephone consultation, newsletter and license enforcement. Licensing SHAPEDOWN facilitates our control of its distribution, delivery and quality assurance. We only sell to credentialed health professionals who complete the SHAPEDOWN training program and deliver the program per the license agreement.

An active license will continue to be required for access to SHAPEDOWN materials and to the online Y.E.S. assessment instrument. Your license will renew automatically on January 1st of each calendar year, beginning January 1, 2008, unless canceled in writing, by either Licensor (Balboa Publishing) or by Licensee (You).


“Feal/Heal” Books Out of Print

The book “What You Feel, You Can Heal” by John Gray, Ph.D., is no longer available. A few individual copies may still be found on, or through Publishers Group West. The book has been recommended reading for SHAPEDOWN Parents. The book’s “pop-psychology” offered a simplistic view of family system and marital/relationship workings which parents, especially dads, could understand and relate to. Dr. Gray’s Heart Publishing offers an extensive menu of alternative publications.


Under Construction

New SHAPEDOWN Logo -- After 30 years, the familiar geometric colored stripes used on the Program’s materials have been retired. The new logo features a blue crescent accenting the familiar SHAPEDOWN lettering.

Promotional Materials -- We have redesigned the “look” of the SHAPEDOWN promotional materials including brochures, flyers, posters and other collateral materials. SHAPEDOWN posters, flyers and completion certificates are available via email in pdf format so you can print them locally if you wish. These materials may also be ordered from Balboa Publishing. A selection of digital art is available via email to licensed Providers who wish to prepare their own materials. Also available is an electronic version of our promotional “brochure” which you can customize with your own contact information and send to prospective clients either in print or via email.

Youth Evaluation Scale (Y.E.S.) -- Development and programming of online Y.E.S., or “eYES,” continues into its third year. Once completed, eYES will be available to you and your patient families online. You will be able to set up a clinical file containing the family’s contact information and assign a “password” to the family so members can log on and complete the assessment at their convenience. Processing will be immediate, and the assessment reports will be accessible by you to present to the family in person. Password access (Licensees’ current 6-digit account number) will allow each licensed SHAPEDOWN Provider to use the service.

We hope to complete beta-testing at selected sites in the fall of 2008 and make the service available to you online by January 1, 2009. The new format will allow data capture and analysis to facilitate your evaluation of the impact of your care.


Exercise Video for Kids

Many SHAPEDOWN Providers have recommended using the “Movin’ and Groovin’ fitness videos when you have need for such a tool. It is available at, or call 813.885.9983. Mention that you are a licensed SHAPEDOWN Provider and receive a discounted price.


Adult Fitness Challenge

Most SHAPEDOWN Programs include various fitness tests with subsequent measurements to indicate patient progress. Now available online for you and your SHAPEDOWN adults is a similar set of tests which you may wish to recommend: The same tests (mile walk/run, push-ups, sit-ups, and sit-and-reach) as used with SHAPEDOWN kids are used.


In The News

The National Cancer Institute - maintains a directory of Research-tested Intervention Programs as a clearinghouse for information and bona fide resources. To qualify for inclusion in the directory, each program must be scientifically validated.

We are proud that the Institute has selected SHAPEDOWN for inclusion in their directory. The website is: . SHAPEDOWN is listed under the Diet/Nutrition heading as a “Small Group” program.

“The War on Obesity Targets Toddlers” - This headline leads a recent Wall Street Journal article describing current efforts to head off weight problems by treating children as young as 2. The percent of overweight children aged 2 to 5 has increased from 5% in 1974 to 12% in 2006. The story explains that toddler weight management programs are being delivered in response to “local physicians who are seeing younger and younger overweight kids in their practices.”

Of course, these programs need to focus on parental education, behavior change and skill development, which, in turn, will affect the toddler.

As a point of information, SHAPEDOWN is designed as an intervention for ages 6 to 20. There is a body of research that indicates that intervention prior to age six involves a range of risks, including stunting growth velocity and introduction of eating disorder issues. Yet educating parents on food, activity, parenting and family system issues is a good idea at any age.

Push for Calories on Menus - A number of cities, including, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. have implemented laws, or will soon, which require chain restaurants to include nutritional information, including calories, on menus. This is beyond the “small print” that has been available on separate printed brochures at the restaurants. It is hoped that this more easily accessed information will help customers make informed food choices.

Food Costs Increase, Fast Food More Attractive - As it becomes more expensive to buy “real food,” fast food becomes more attractive. Add higher cost to the fact that eating “real food” requires “more work” (shopping, storing, preparing), and it is a lot easier to justify eating “junk.” This issue deserves attention at your next SHAPEDOWN session.


Emerging Research

Infants who sleep less are more likely to be obese - A new Harvard Study finds that babies and toddlers who sleep less that 12 hours daily are more likely to be overweight in preschool. TV viewing heightened the effect. The children who slept the least and watched the most TV had the greatest chance of becoming obese.

More kids are driven to school - A CDC Study found that in 1969, 90% of kids who live within a mile of school walked or rode their bike to school. In 2004, only 48% did.

Salt named as hidden factor in obesity epidemic - A British study in the American Heart Association Journal shows that salty meals and snacks trigger an appetite for calorie-filled sodas. 80% of salt in our diet comes from manufactured food, not from the salt shaker. The study suggests that reducing salt intake will reduce soft drink consumption, blood pressure, risk of heart attack and stroke.

Weight discrimination is now as common as racial bias - Reported weight discrimination has increased 66% in the past decade up from 7% to 12% of all U.S. adults according to the journal Obesity. A related study in The Journal of Obesity indicates such discrimination is common in both institutional and interpersonal situations. Among severely obese people, 28% of men and 45% of women reported they had experienced discrimination because of their weight.

The Council on Size and Weight Discrimination says that, “Until we clean up language like ‘War on Obesity,’ discrimination will continue to increase. Currently, no federal laws against weight discrimination exist.


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