We welcome you to consider using SHAPEDOWN ...

…for over 30 years, the nation’s leading weight management program for children and adolescents. It is designed to make your pediatric obesity practice effective, safe and revenue generating. SHAPEDOWN eases the way for you and your facility to become proficient in delivering care for the obese children and adolescents in your community. SHAPEDOWN materials are available in both English and Spanish.

Revenue Generating
SHAPEDOWN’s set-up and on-going costs are low, and demand for SHAPEDOWN is high. In addition to direct revenue, SHAPEDOWN provides other important advantages: staff development, public relations and the generation of referrals to other services. Hospitals with pediatric or adolescent units report that delivering SHAPEDOWN positively impacts census.

Clinically Practical
Everything you need to plan, promote, administer, deliver, and evaluate the program is provided. The format and techniques used are designed for ease of delivery and to minimize staff time while maintaining an exceptional quality of care. You receive complete promotional, administrative, program delivery and evaluation materials.

By joining hundreds of SHAPEDOWN centers nationwide, you will benefit from becoming part of a national network of providers of the highest quality child and adolescent obesity program. You will receive referrals from SHAPEDOWN public relations efforts which include features in national magazines, network television programs and on the Internet.

How is it conducted?
Although SHAPEDOWN can be used in individual instruction, group programs are encouraged because of their increased efficiency and effectiveness. The positive contagion and the group support and structure prompt families to continue participating longer and to derive more benefits from the intervention.

SHAPEDOWN – The basic SHAPEDOWN program normally involves 10 weekly sessions of 2-1/2 hours each delivered by a SHAPEDOWN Provider. Support from a Co-Instructor is recommended. This intensive program gives basic SHAPEDOWN skills to parents and children and is a pre-requisite for ADVANCED SHAPEDOWN.

ADVANCED SHAPEDOWN – Families can choose to continue care with ADVANCED SHAPEDOWN. This program deepens and extends the changes accomplished during basic SHAPEDOWN. ADVANCED SHAPEDOWN is designed as a 20 week program and may be repeated. Each weekly session requires about 1-1/4 hours.

Who enrolls in SHAPEDOWN?
Overweight and obese young people ages 6 to 18 whose initial assessment suggests that SHAPEDOWN would be effective.

As a SHAPEDOWN Provider you will receive training in providing sensitive, interdisciplinary assessments of pediatric obesity. These assessments include the extent and seriousness – medical and psychological – of the obesity and the genetic, behavioral, affective and family factors contributing to the weight problem. An individualized care plan is developed. Often SHAPEDOWN is indicated. However medical management of co-morbid conditions, psychotherapy, family therapy, marital counseling, or chemical dependency treatment may be indicated.

Y.E.S. – For older children and adolescents, you can use the Youth Evaluation Scale (Y.E.S.), a computerized instrument to facilitate accurate, comprehensive assessments. This instrument uses standardized tests of biopsychosocial factors related to obesity, including body composition, blood pressure, fitness, behavior, knowledge, psychological factors, parenting practices, family functioning and parent-child communication. The resulting report makes a complex weight problem more understandable to children and parents and gives you as the provider concrete data to draw upon in developing a care plan.
How is progress evaluated?

For older children and adolescents, you can document progress with the Y.E.S. Follow-up. This evaluation will support you in making care recommendations including referral to other services and helps prevent patients from becoming entrenched in SHAPEDOWN only, when other counseling is needed.