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You may order a free SHAPEDOWN information kit below.

We will send you a SHAPEDOWN information pack including:


We provide a broad range of training and support services to SHAPEDOWN Providers:

SHAPEDOWN provides you with professional clinical training in child and adolescent obesity sponsored by the University of California, San Francisco.

Introductory Clinical Training - This videocourse overviews for you the biopsychosocial, family based approach to child and adolescent obesity. Upon completion, you will receive 6 hours of credit.

Advanced Clinical Training - This videocourse will deepen your technical knowledge and enhance your clinical skills in the assessment and treatment of child and adolescent obesity. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate from the University of California, San Francisco, suitable for framing and 40 hours of credit.

Instructor's Guide
This guide provides you with specific and extensive information about the program and its delivery, including details on setting up a program, such as obtaining administrative and scientific committee approval, identifying target audiences, setting fees, planning a location and time, selecting staff members and evaluating the intervention. Step-by-step preparation and delivery plans for each session are described in detail.

Insurance Reimbursement - SHAPEDOWN's training includes instruction on how to bill insurance to increase reimbursement for your patients. Third party billing form masters with specific codes are included to facilitate submission of claims for reimbursement. Separate codes are provided for assessments, group sessions and program books and materials.

Administration - An Administrative section in the Instructor's Guide includes reproduction masters for all forms, timetables, form letters and guides you need to plan and administer a successful program.

Marketing - A comprehensive marketing section is provided in the Instructor's Guide which guides you in developing and implementing an effective marketing plan.

Promotional Materials - Available from SHAPEDOWN are brochures, flyers and posters for your use in promoting your program. Public service announcement copy, sample advertising copy and camera ready ad slicks are available.

Media Coverage
SHAPEDOWN is featured in articles in many national magazines each year. Television coverage of SHAPEDOWN occurs regularly. These media activities generate referrals which we direct to active SHAPEDOWN programs on a zip code matching basis.

Computerized Assessment
Licensed SHAPEDOWN providers are also licensed to use the Youth Evaluation Scale (Y.E.S.), a computerized biopsychosocial assessment instrument which helps to define the causes underlying weight or eating problems. Request a separate Y.E.S. brochure for detailed information on the Youth Evaluation Scale.

Ongoing Support
Patient Referrals - In response to media coverage, word of mouth and web site inquiries, thousands of families contact our office each year seeking SHAPEDOWN care. We routinely refer families to the nearest SHAPEDOWN provider. These referrals support continued growth of your program.

SHAPEDOWNEWS --Our newsletter keeps you current on news in pediatric obesity care and suggests ways to promote and develop your program. This newsletter also shares ideas from successful SHAPEDOWN programs across the country.

Consultation - To help start your program and to build on its success, our staff will provide you with telephone consultation and support.

Fitness Measurement Devices - To facilitate effective delivery of SHAPEDOWN and Y.E.S. assessments, a complete line of fitness measurement devices is available. Included are skinfold calipers, stopwatches, metronomes, and "step & reach" endurance/flexibility testing devices.

Requirements For Using SHAPEDOWN

SHAPEDOWN is a licensed program (not a franchise) available exclusively through health professionals. The license agreement includes terms intended to protect and support SHAPEDOWN Providers and ensure a level of care consistent with SHAPEDOWN's goals. Terms of SHAPEDOWN's license agreement include:

  1. Each program identify as consultants or providers, a physician, a registered dietitian, a mental health professional and an exercise specialist.
  2. Each Provider (not consultant) completes the introductory and advanced videocourse training prior to delivering SHAPEDOWN.
  3. Each child or adolescent receives a SHAPEDOWN Workbook and a parent of each child or adolescent receives a SHAPEDOWN Parent's Guide.
  4. Each child or adolescent and parent receive the program in its entirety in the order shown in the Instructor's Guide.
  5. Program duration for the SHAPEDOWN program is not less than 10 weeks of weekly sessions or not less than four weeks for a summer camp program.
  6. For each child or adolescent, one or more parent or guardian must participate in the intervention as indicated by attendance at sessions.
  7. ADVANCED SHAPEDOWN shall be available to children and their families who have completed basic SHAPEDOWN.
  8. SHAPEDOWN may not be associated with any calculated diet except when prescribed by a physician for a medical condition other than obesity such as diabetes. SHAPEDOWN may not be associated with any severe hypocaloric diet therapy, such as a liquid formula or very low calorie diet.

If you request a free information kit below we will send you descriptive brochures, and an application form, license agreement and order form.


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